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Elizabeth Street Café (Austin): Two chefs develop a recipe for design at a bright and beautiful French-Vietnamese eatery

A popular restaurant team draws design inspiration from the bygone cafés of Vietnam as well as modern French cafés.

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Allium (Chicago): A hotel restaurant undergoes a season of change and gets a whole new look in the process

A design team turns a staid and traditional hotel fine-dining restaurant into a lively, energetic hot spot.

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Congress (Austin): A top fine-dining destination brings casual elegance to this easygoing capital city

A sophisticated, high-end eatery was designed to make laid-back Austinites feel at ease.

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Trenchermen (Chicago): Steampunk, Victorian, or “factory” — however one describes this restaurant’s indescribable design, it works

Designer and restaurateur Kevin Heisner melds multiple styles to create a unified, fun, sophisticated and relaxed space.

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Zest Bistro (Downers Grove, Ill.): A neighborhood restaurant shares its clean, industrial look with the gourmet grocery that houses it

Located inside Downers Grove’s Lemon Tree Grocer, Zest Bistro was designed to be a comfortable, relaxed neighborhood spot.

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Antique Taco (Chicago): A husband-and-wife team declares its love for antiques and tacos at a Wicker Park storefront

A couple celebrate their love for antiques by lavishly incorporating them into the design of their new, casual Mexican eatery.

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Origin (Toronto): Designer Jason Stroud mixed old, new — and a touch of quirky — when planning a restaurant in a historic building

Designer Jason Stroud let the history of a Toronto building guide his design decisions for Origin, a lively King East eatery.

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The Savoy (Chicago): A Wicker Park seafood restaurant and nightlife spot changes its looks, room by room

Each of the four rooms at Wicker Park’s The Savoy serves a distinct purpose, and was designed with its particular function in mind.

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Red Farm (New York City): Playfully crafted dim sum — and white dishes — provided the first design inspirations for a farm-to-table, Chinese-inspired eatery

A New York restaurateur had clear and specific design ideas for the look of his Chinese-accented, locavore storefront.

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Grass Fed (Chicago): Designer Susan Sissman says bye-bye to conventional steak house décor

A designer rejects dark wood, brass, and the color red — while creating a light, bright look for a new steak house.

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