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The Savoy (Chicago): Insane about absinthe, mixologist Deirdre Darling develops a beverage program that showcases this legendary, licorce-flavored spirit

The Savoy celebrates the legendary, licorice-flavored botanical spirit that was once believed to drive imbibers insane.

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Munferit (Istanbul): The rules of raki — restaurateur Ferit Sarper teaches Fine readers how to drink Turkey’s favorite spirit

Chef-owner Ferit Sarper gives Fine readers a lesson on raki, Turkey’s power-packed national spirit.

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Telegraph (Chicago): Noted sommelier Jeremy Quinn has his guests seeing — and drinking — orange

Award-winning sommelier Jeremy Quinn teaches Fine readers about the finer points of “orange” wine.

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Homestead (Chicago): A West Town restaurant serves cocktails in its garden and a bit of the garden in its cocktails

Mixologist Revae Schneider draws inspiration from the fresh garden ingredients used in the restaurant’s American contemporary cuisine.

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Dishoom (London): A restaurant takes guests on a passage to India with its Bombay-centric beverages

Dishoom celebrates the beloved beverages of Mumbai, including the consummate favorite — chai.

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Hutong Cafe (Oak Park, Ill.): Wine expert Gina Signorella tells diners which wines to bring to a pan-Asian BYOB

Expert Gina Signorella recommends wines that will make you say “cheers” when you quaff them along with BYOB Hutong Cafe’s Chinese/ pan-Asian fare.

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Eggy’s Diner (Chicago): Old-fashioned soda fountain creations add nostalgia to a new Lakeshore East diner

An urban diner features elevated takes on refreshing, old-fashioned soda fountain favorites.

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Grange Hall Burger Bar (Chicago): A down-home West Loop joint features country-style refreshers

Grange Hall Burger Bar serves up country-themed cocktails and all-Midwestern beers and wines.

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The Arrogant Butcher (Phoenix): A downtown eatery offers a snobbery-free menu of cocktails, beer and wine

A downtown eatery offers an eclectic array of liquid refreshments.

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Acadia (Chicago): A sommelier has fun with an upscale eatery’s serious wine program

Take another look at Acadia, chef Ryan McCaskey’s South Loop gem.

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